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3001_38 Dummy-Set distress signals
Training dummies to practice handling with parachute rotckets, smoke signals and hand flares. The set includes: 1 parachute rotcket, 1 smoke signal, 2 hand flares.
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3006_01 Dye marker
Day signals for emergencies on the water. As individual protection, can also be carried on a life jacket. The environmentally friendly powder in a citric acid base produces a large, light fleck of color that can be located from the air....
Content 40 g (€57.25 * / 100 g)
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3007_01 Distress mirror
Signal mirror of polished aluminum plate. With handle. Serves to make one noticeable with sunlight in an emergency at sea. This small device should be included on every life raft. Certified by the German seaman's professional association...
Art.-Nr.: 3007...
3408_01 Chemical lightstick
Emergency light. Should be included as personal safety equipment on every life jacket! Ignited by bending the rod and thus breaking a glass vial. Shaking the light mixes the two liquids. Lasts approx. 10 hours. Length 150mm.
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Art.-Nr.: 3408...
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3006_01 Dye marker
Content 40 g (€57.25 * / 100 g)