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Since its foundation in 1996, SOLARA GmbH has become a constant among the suppliers of off-grid solar systems. SOLARA solar panels are used on boats, yachts and ships, on the roofs of campers, mobile homes and vacation homes, on radio masts, navigation signs or other technical installations. The stand-alone systems are also used for the electrification of peripheral villages and houses in emerging or developing countries.

Premium quality Made in Germany - all SOLARA solar modules are produced in Germany. This is the only way to ensure short and CO2-reduced delivery routes. Product innovations can be implemented easily and quickly. German engineering and quality craftsmanship guarantee high reliability and longevity of the solar modules.

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4682*01 Solarmodule SOLARA Solar panel SOLARA MARINE
Specially developed for use on boats: 36 high-quality silicone solar cells are embedded in a saltwater-proof EVA foil on the V4A stainless steel carrier plate. The plates can be screwed or glued on, they are accessible and flexible to...
from €269.00
Art.-Nr.: 4682...
4682*06 Solarmodule SOLARA S-Serie SOLARA S-Series solar panels
Very robust and reliable solar modules, developed and manufactured for permanent use on water and on land. The modules are well suited for fixed mounting on an equipment carrier or the pilot house. SOLARA manufactures the solar modules...
from €329.00
Art.-Nr.: 4682...
4681-008 Laderegler für Solarmodule SOLARA Solar charge controller for SOLARA solar panels
Solar regulators protect against overload and discharge. Fully automatic control of the solar energy system, LED control lights. SR 85 TL for small solar systems, 12V and 24V up to 90 Wp. SR 135 TL for small installations, 12V and 24V up...
from €44.90
Art.-Nr.: 4681...
4682*07 Solarmodule SOLARA Serie M MARINE begehbar SOLARA M-Series Walkable Solar Panels
Impact-resistant, etremly flat and semi-flexible solar panels - the German manufacturer SOLARA is constantly developing its proven marine high-performance solar modules. The monocrystalline cells are arranged on a high-strength aluminum...
from €299.00
Art.-Nr.: 4682...
4682*05 Mobiles Solarmodul SOLARA S485M32 SOLARA S485M32 Mobile Solar Panel
SOLARA solar panel of the latest generation, ready wired, including charge controller FOX 062. The solar panel of the SOLARA Power Mobil series has an extremely high efficiency due to the use of SUNPOWER cells. Two solar panels are well...
Art.-Nr.: 4682...
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1024*05 Krampenzange und Krampen Crimping pliers
from €54.90
2257*02 Unterlegscheiben aus Bronze Bronze washers
from €0.35
1065*01 Rettungsleine Safety line
from €0.45
2240*01 LOXX Persenningknopf / Schnellverschluss mit federndem Innenleben LOXX fasteners
from €1.65
2602*01 Flachpinsel Brush
from €1.40
2609_01 Foam brush
from €1.55
1024_01 Shock cord
from €1.00
4405_01 Butt hinge
from €2.00
2650*01 Farbsieb Paint strainer
from €0.85
0000-001 TOPLICHT-Ausrüstungskatalog TOPLICHT equipment catalogue
Content 1 piece
4812_01 Fastener
from €18.95
2248_01 Lacing Button
from €0.45
4400_01 Butt hinge brass
from €11.80
4148_01 BLUE paraffin
from €9.95
4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€14.80 * / 1 m)
from €7.40
2710-300 Teakdecking Systems Decksfugenmasse SIS440 TDS Marine Deck Caulkling Sealant
Content 0.3 Liter (€78.33 * / 1 Liter)
from €23.50
1932*01 Fäkalien-Spiralschlauch Waste hose
from €6.40
2720*01 WEST SYSTEM Epoxy im Set mit Harz und Härter WEST SYSTEM set with resin and hardener
Content 1.2 kg (€56.58 * / 1 kg)
from €67.90
1922_03 T-bolt clamp
from €5.90
4025*01 Fingerschnäpper aus Messing Elbow catch
from €4.95
1311*01 Schnur aus Naturhanf Natural hemp yarn
Content 200 g (€6.15 * / 100 g)
from €12.30
2207*01 TESA Fugenboden-Abdeckband TESA seam covering tape
Content 50 m (€0.10 * / 1 m)
from €4.85
2249_01 Lacing Button
from €3.19
4132*01 Docht Lamp wicks
from €5.70
Dichtbaumwolle zum Kalfatern, links: Typ GB, rechts: Typ DE Caulking cotton
from €5.40
2701*02 BOSTIK SIMSON CA (Construction Adhesive) BOSTIC SIMSON CA (Construction Adhesive)
Content 0.29 Liter (€61.90 * / 1 Liter)
from €17.95
1530*01 Edelstahl-Schäkel gerade 'D' shackle
from €2.20
2737*05 WEST SYSTEM Mixstäbe WEST SYSTEM mixing bars
Content 1 piece
from €1.65
2501_01 OWATROL MARINE D1 penetrating oil
Content 1 Liter
from €28.90
1593_01 Clevis pin
from €1.90
1024*02 Kunststoffhaken Plastic hook
from €0.70
4013*08 Reibbleche Latch plate
from €2.95