DICKINSON BRISTOL diesel stove Zoom


Solid and proven diesel stove for cooking, baking and heating.
Proven on long voyages, practically tested hundreds of times.

Complete equipment:
Fuel regulator,
Ceramic-lined combustion chamber,
Cast-iron cooking plates with rim and pot holders,
Baking grid and plate lifter,
Window into the combustion chamber,
Opening oven door with integrated thermometer,
12 volt support ventilator - also available for 24 volt systems.

DICKINSON ship's stoves of Canada, made since 1932. Originally conceptualized for fishermen and professional mariners, these stoves stand out for their simple, but well-thought-out, design and solid construction.
All stoves are, as far as is possible, made of stainless steel. The stove plates are made of ground cast iron.

Functionality: All stoves work on the simple shell-burner principle. They can be used with either diesel or heating oil.
The oil runs from a tank, which must be installed at least 30 cm higher than the stove, with natural filling serving as regulator. If no tank can be integrated, the use of an electric fuel pump is also possible.
The installable regulator - developed and made by DICKINSON - keeps the correct fuel feed to the burner shell and, using a float switch, ensures the feed, in case the flame goes out unnoticed.
Reliable functionality, because it runs without failure-prone electronics and electrical systems. The regulator has a safety shutdown integrated in the adjustment knob that breaks the fuel flow if the temperature remains over 75°C. The stoves work very quietly and give off a comfortable, dry warmth!
To support the burning - exceptionally when lighting the stove or in difficult circumstances - the adjustable ventilator under that burner shell can be set.
For optimal burning, all stoves come equipped with a removable superheater.

Article-No. description voltage Vflue pipe-Ø inchburner weight kg net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
4101-000 without hot water coil124"6"37 1672.27  1990.00 
4101-001 with hot water coil124"6"37 1806.72  2150.00 
4101-020 without hot water coil244"6"37 1672.27  1990.00 
4101-021 with hot water coil244"6"37 1806.72  2150.00 
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net: before tax, gross: include value-added tax (VAT)

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