DAVEY & Company, London, Ltd.

Baum-Reffbeschlag DAVEY

This traditional three-part fitting of hand-polished cast bronze allows sails to be reefed by rolling them around the boom (simple roller reefing).
Intended for yachts and small cruisers (with mainsail sizes up to about 10 square meters).

The complete fitting is put together from three pieces. The boom can be removed from the tetrahedral fitting. To reef, the boom is simply pulled aft off the fitting and turned.
The pieces must be installed separately:
1) Boom fitting forward (tack) for the the boom's diameter D1 = 5 mm with suitable space for the tetrahedron of the gooseneck fitting.
2) Boom fitting aft (clew) with the rolling frame for the topping lift and sheet;
3) Gooseneck with tetrahedral fitting, sized for various mast diameters: D2 = 50 to 87 mm.

Baum-Reffbeschlag DAVEY Zoom
Art-Nr. Beschreibung Ausführung D1 mmD2 mmGewicht g netto EUR / Stück brutto EUR / Stück Anzahl
1599-001 1) Baumbeschlag vorn50---200 45,38  54,00 
1599-002 2) Baumbeschlag achtern50---350 71,43  85,00 
1599-050 3) Mastbeschlag ---50350 83,19  99,00 
1599-062 3)Mastbeschlag ---62450 85,71  102,00 
1599-075 3) Mastbeschlag ---75500 92,44  110,00 
1599-087 3) Mastbeschlag ---87700 116,81  139,00 
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