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What would you like to know?

You need informations concerning a special product? You have technical questions and you need support?
Here we are. At the phone, in our showroom, in front of our computer: The TOPLICHT crew  is waiting for you: Sailors, craftsmen and -women, Technicians. Most of them boatowners with long experience on board, at the shipyard, in the boat shed. We speak your language. In the background, we have not only our individual knowledge and experience, but also a large technical knowledge base. That's the way to find appropriate solutions even for complicated problems.

Our answers are waiting for your questions..

That's how you can contact us:

  • The good old phone:
    Just give us a call at +49 (0)40-8890100. It is not a call center, but the TOPLICHT Crew. Speaking english.
  • The little Brownie:
    Order your free copy of our print catalogue here, the legendary "Little Brownie". Almost 500 pages with all informations about more than 15.000 products.
  • Our contact form:
    Let us know your questions in our contact form.
  • E-Mail:
    Simply send an e-mail.Don't hesitate to describe exactly where the shoe pinches. Feel free  to send us photos.
  • Snail mail:
    Send us a letter to: Toplicht, Notkestr. 97, 22607 Hamburg, Germany
  • Personally:
    Visit us in our showroom in Hamburg.
  • Webshop:
    Find your products here in our webshop. With all technical informations provided it is far more than just a sales point.