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1041_02 Jacobs's ladder step
Loose rungs for Jacobs's ladder. Made of PE-plastic.
Art.-Nr.: 1041...
1057*02 Holzstufe für Bootsleiter Step for wooden jacob's ladder
Extra steps for the traditional boat ladder (Article-No. 1057-...), made from beech wood with grooves carved on the top. These protect against slipping on wet steps.
Art.-Nr.: 1057...
1057_03 Rubber step for wooden jacob's ladder
Heavy rubber step. Particularly intended as the bottom step, the weight of which keeps the lower steps of the the ladder from floating.
Art.-Nr.: 1057...
1058_02 Step for wooden jacob's ladder
Steps for for self-assembly for a Jacob's ladder made form beech wood. The deflector steps are longer and prevent twisting of the ladder. Also available are steps that can be opened laterally so that the step can be replaced without...
from €15.95
Art.-Nr.: 1058...
1058_03 Rubber step for wooden jacob's ladder
Jacob's ladder step made of hard rubber.
Art.-Nr.: 1058...