Tackle Hooks & Sister Hooks

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1294*01 Teufelsklauen Bronze Coleman hook
Polished manganese bronze coleman hook. American design with lateral closure. for ease of handling, the clip is secured with a leather band.
Art.-Nr.: 1293...
1580_02 Tackle hook steel, hot dip galvanized
Tackle hook from forged steel, with welded ring. Hot-dip galvanized. Matches our ash blocks. More sizes in hand forged quality you find at "Suitable items" below.
from €84.00
Art.-Nr.: 1580...
1581_01 Inox tackle hook
Slim design. Made from polished stainless steel and neatly welded.
from €58.90
Art.-Nr.: 1581...
1582*02 Takelhaken hochfeste Aluminiumbronze Bronze hand forged tackle hook
Hand-forged hooks from high-strength aluminum bronze in a traditional design. Fits our classic elm yacht blocks.
Art.-Nr.: 1582...
1587_01 Clip hook
Coleman hooks are the classic attachment pieces for running gear, made entirely without pins, bolts or springs. Hand-forged from steel, welded and hot-dip galvanized. Suitable for our ash blocks.
Art.-Nr.: 1587...
1580_01 Hand forged steel tackle hook, hot dip galvanized
Tackle hook, hand forged from steel and hot dip galvanized. These hooks are produced in a german blacksmith shop, exclusively for TOPLICHT. They are hand forged in the traditional way from one piece of steel without any welding. This...
from €75.00
Art.-Nr.: 1580...