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1380_10 Locking Chock SPARTAN
Heavy tapered chock with locking bar. Made from cast bronze, tumbled matte surface. The stainless steel locking bar hinders the line from jumping out of the chock. The bar cannot be lost. Bar diameter 8 mm. The mounting plate is easily...
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1380_13 Rail Chock SPARTAN
Chock for the toerail or deck coaming. Very well suited as spring-line lead. Made from cast bronze, tumbled matte finish. For coaming widths of 16 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1380_15 Type G chock in bronze by SPARTAN
Deck chock, type G in very heavy, straight form. Made from cast bronze, tumbled matt finish. Mounting through two countersunk screws on each side. Available as left or right version. A product of the American traditional manufacturer...
from €63.80
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1559_01 Bronze sunken fairlead
Sunken fairlead, to be set into the coaming, with overhanging lip to protect the coaming. Polished bronze. Straight opening.
Art.-Nr.: 1559...
1627_01 Brass stern fairlead
Cast-brass deck chock. With triangular mounting plate for mounting on the bow or stern. Polished or chromed brass finish.
from €17.90
Art.-Nr.: 1627...
1627_02 Brass bow fairlead
Slim bow chock, with light, streamlined finish, asymmetric mounting plate. Polished or chromed brass.
Art.-Nr.: 1627...
1653_01 Brass farilead straight polished or chromed
Straight fairlead, made from cast brass. Polished or chromed finish.
from €39.90
Art.-Nr.: 1653...
1654_02 Brass fairlead handed
Angled cast-brass fairlead with beautifully rounded sides, very rope-friendly. Polished or chromed finish. Available in right or left designs - please consult the diagram.
from €24.75
Art.-Nr.: 1654...
1655_02 Lipped fairlead straight Bronze DAVEY
Heavy sunken fairlead, to be set into the coaming. Sand-cast from bronze, hand-polished. Straight opening. Wide or narrow version.
from €118.00
Art.-Nr.: 1655...
1655-180 Kurze Schanzlippe DAVEY aus Bronze Lipped fairlead short straight Bronze DAVEY
Heavy chock for countersinking in the coaming. Bronze, sand-cast, hand-polished. Straight passage.
Art.-Nr.: 1655...
1656_01 Fairlead with roller DAVEY
Heavy fairlead from a British workshop, with a roller for spring lines. Classic hot-dip galvanized cast iron (gunmetal).
Art.-Nr.: 1656...
1657*01 Schanzlippe DAVEY gerade Bronze Bronze lipped fairlead DAVEY
Heavy, attractive bronze fairlead made by hand in a British workshop. Sand-cast, hand-polished. Straight design with a lip that protects the coaming from line chafe.
from €44.50
Art.-Nr.: 1657...
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