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4899*04 Hut- und Mantelhaken S&B schlicht elegant Elegant Wardobe Hook S&B
Elegantly shaped coat hook made of brass, available in polished brass, chrome-plated brass and matt chrome-plated brass. The simple and shapely design in combination with the chosen finish makes the hanger look good in almost any...
from €18.60
Art.-Nr.: 4899...
1984*01 CABIN Garderobenhaken CABIN wardrobe hook from brass
Noble solid warderobe hook made of brass with gold-plated or chrome plated surface. No tarnish protection. Hidden wall attachment with threaded sleeve.
from €27.10
Art.-Nr.: 4502...
4556*01 Versenkhaken Flush hook
Heavy countersunk hook of cast brass with two brass bolts and threaded counterplates. The extracted hook is vertical, so that nothing can fall from the hook when heeling. Available finishes: matt and chromed brass.
Art.-Nr.: 4556...
4708_01 Drawer knob brass
Polished brass, with integrated steel screw.
from €3.35
Art.-Nr.: 4708...
4709_01 Drawer knob anchor
Brass, with anchor motif. With screwed-in M4 steel bolts. Polished or chromed brass finish.
from €5.45
Art.-Nr.: 4709...
4713_01 Drawer knob from brass
Elegant drawer knob from brass in a concave design. The surface is polished or chromed brass. The handle is mounted from the back by means of two M4 blind hole bores.
from €3.80
Art.-Nr.: 4713...
4713*02 Schubladenknauf Small drawer knob
Convex knob for small drawers or doors. Polished brass with loose groundplate and screw from steel.
from €3.35
Art.-Nr.: 4713...
4800_01 Small hook made from brass
Very compact but also robust wall hook made from highly polished or chromed brass.
from €4.40
Art.-Nr.: 4800...
4804_01 Small stainless steel hook
Small wall hook made from 2 mm thick A2 stainless steel flat stock.
from €3.30
Art.-Nr.: 4804...
4805_01 Brass cup hook
Small, shapely hooks from polished brass with a stud screw made from steel. Length of thread: 25 mm.
from €3.60
Art.-Nr.: 4805...
4816_01 Brass towel hook
The delicate towel hook with bullets at the ends comes in two versions, with one or with two hooks. The surface is polished brass.
from €6.40
Art.-Nr.: 4816...
4820_01 Small brass hook
Small brass hook with baffle. Well suited for use as a key hook.
from €2.10
Art.-Nr.: 4820...
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4805_01 Brass cup hook
from €3.60
4897_01 Ceiling hook
from €13.50
4894_02 Towel hook
from €4.90
4892_01 Towel hook
from €2.50
4899_02 Wardrobe hook
from €18.60
4883_02 Decoration hook
from €10.95
4894_01 Towel hook
from €4.15
4880*06 Handtuchhaken Towel hook
from €3.90
4886*01 Versenkhaken Edelstahl Countersunk hook
from €21.20
4894_03 Towel hook
from €4.90
4895*01 Tassenhaken Cup hook
from €8.40
4896_02 Coat hook
from €6.70
4881_01 Coat hook
from €10.10
4896_04 Coat hook
from €13.45
4879-000 Kleiderhaken Messing flach Coat hook
from €14.35
4880*03 Kleiderhaken Coat hook
from €8.00
4880*08 Handtuchhaken Towel hook
from €6.40
4880*09 Handtuchhaken Towel hook
from €6.70
4883_01 Decoration hook
from €5.85
4885*01 Versenkhaken Flush hook
from €21.20
4895*02 Tassenhaken Cup hook
from €12.30
4896_05 Brass coat hook
from €18.30
Hut- und Mantelhaken Wardrobe hook
from €17.80
4880*04 Kleiderhaken Coat hook
from €8.10
4880*05 Handtuchhaken Towel hook
from €4.70
4880*07 Kleiderhaken Towel hook
from €8.40
4880*10 Schraubhaken Screw hook
from €4.20
4880*11 Schraubhaken Screw hook
from €8.00
4894_04 Towel hook
from €5.00