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1857*02 Klappbolzenverschlüsse Messing Brass latch
Heavy-duty catch for windows, doors or hatches, made of brass with a rolled or chrome-plated surface. The fitting consists of a base plate, bolt, cage nut and copper cotter pin. A push fork is available as a counterpart.
from €24.60
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
1857*03 Zackenplatte Messing für Klappbolzenverschluss Brass lipped plate for latch
Lipped plate, to match the folding closure 1857-... Rolled brass or chrome plated.
from €8.90
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
1857*04 Anschweiß-Korbmutterverschluss Messing / Stahl Bow nut latch for welding, brass and steel
Hatch fastener, pursuant to DIN 83407 Form A. Included: brass eye screw and nut, steel welded plate, stainless steel bolts, and copper cotter pin.
from €31.00
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
1857*05 Druckgabel Stahl für Korbmutterverschluss Catch for bow nut latch (welding), steel
Steel pressure fork for welding, pursuant to DIN 83407, Form C. Matches hatch fasteners.
from €10.00
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
1857_09 Brass eye bolt small head
Eye screw (without nuts), small head metric (for example, for fastening ports). Rolled brass. No DIN-Norm.
from €13.50
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
1857_10 Stainless steel eye bolt with bow nut
Hatch fastener, confirming to DIN 83407 Form A. Included: eye screw and nut made from stainless steel, steel welded plate, stainless steel bolts, and copper cotter pin.
from €32.30
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
Fensteraufsteller Skylight lifter
Hatch fastener, bent smooth bar. With a strong brass tommy screw, it is possible to secure the hatch in any position. A small knurled screw on the end of the rod acts as a stop and allows the hatch to be opened all the way. Available in...
from €80.00
Art.-Nr.: 4078...
4080-325 / 4080-400 Skylightöffner mit Kurbel, Messing poliert Skylight stay
This traditional skylight crank opener allows even very heavy ports or skylights to be opened. It holds the port in any desired position. Made of polished brass. An exceptionally beautiful and functional fitting. The opener can be...
from €860.00
Art.-Nr.: 4080...
4081*01 Teleskop Lukenaufsteller Telescopic stay
Telescoping hatch opener with straight rod and brass locking wheel. Made from brass, surface polished or chrome plated. Long or short version. Choose left or right version.
from €67.50
Art.-Nr.: 4081...
4082*01 Fensteraufsteller Telescopic hatch stay
Light brass or chromed-brass design. This hatch fastener works like a frictional damper; By moving the practical handle the friction on the telescoping arm can be set at any height. Mounting plate 22 x 47 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 4082...
4083*01 Skylightaufsteller DAVEY 8747 Skylight lifter DAVEY 8747
Particularly beautiful hatch opener. Rod of extra-hard bronze, fitting of cast brass. With the strong cast tommy screw, the hatch can be fixed at any height on the straight rod. Hand-polished classic design. Mounting plate 40 x 115 mm....
from €264.00
Art.-Nr.: 4083...
4084*01 Fensteraufsteller Skylight lifter
Hatch opener, straight bar, with 12 grit for fixing the brass knurled screws. Available in polished or chromed brass.
from €69.90
Art.-Nr.: 4084...
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