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1635*01 Wanten-Flaggleinenklampe Flagline cleat
Plastic cleat with backing plate, screws on to the shroud (up to 8 mm).
Art.-Nr.: 1635...
1635-060 und 1635-131 Flaggleinklampe Flagline cleat brass
Small flagline clamp, made of brass.
from €4.40
Art.-Nr.: 1635...
1635-130 Flaggleinenklampe Messing poliert Flagline cleat brass
Flagline cleat. Made of brass.
from €9.95
Art.-Nr.: 1635...
1635*04 Flaggleinenklampe Edelstahl Flagline cleat stainless steel
Flagline cleat. Made of stainless steel.
from €4.65
Art.-Nr.: 1635...
1635_05 Flagline cleat nickel plated
Small cleat of brass, nickle plated.
Art.-Nr.: 1635...
1776_02 Bronze flag line cleat
Strong flagline cleat. Heavy, high-quality construction from polished bronze with round mounting plate.
from €36.50
Art.-Nr.: 1776...
1927_01 Nylon Cleat
Inexpensive, robust jam cleat made from black plastic.
from €1.60
Art.-Nr.: 1927...
6235_01 Brass flagline cleat
tumbled brass with matt finish, for fitting to the shroud with 4 screws.
Art.-Nr.: 6235...
1773_01 Flag line cleat
Tiny flagline cleat. Made of polished bronze.
Art.-Nr.: 1773...