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1767_02 Mooring bit stanless steel
Bollard made of A4 stainless steel (1.4401), welded, with extra long cross piece . The particularly strong base plate is 5 mm thick and has 13 mm mounting holes. The bollard is ideally suited for marinas.
from €67.00
Art.-Nr.: 1767...
1462_03 Bollard stainless steel
Polished stainless steel (AISI 304) bollard with drilled base plate.
Art.-Nr.: 1462...
1151_01 Bronze mooring bitt
These heavy mooring bitts are cast from high-tensile bronze in a traditional casting mold in England then hand-polished. Massive body with strong cleat. A functional piece of art on any foredeck.
Art.-Nr.: 1151...
1288_01 Bronze cross head bollard
Solid, massive bollard with strong bars and beautiful knobs, made of hand-polished cast bronze. Drilled mounting plate.
from €427.00
Art.-Nr.: 1288...
1429_01 Raked bollard
Heavy bollard with slightly angled arms. Made from cast brass, polished or chromed finish. The bollard is attached invisibly from underneath. Comes complete with two stainless steel stud bolts and nuts that are securely screwed into...
from €49.50
Art.-Nr.: 1429...
1429_02 Brass mooring bollard polished or chromed
Brass bollard cleat, polished or chromed finish. With flat, round mounting plate. A central M12 countersunk hole has been drilled for mounting. Mounting-plate diameter 65 mm, weight 360 g.
Art.-Nr.: 1429...
1462_01 Stainless steel mooring bitt
Functional polished stainless steel mooring bitt with cleanly welded end-to-end cross piece. Comes with a drilled mounting plate.
from €45.90
Art.-Nr.: 1462...
1462_02 Stainless steel mooring bitt
Functional polished stainless steel mooring bitt to be welded on. With cleanly welded end-to-end cross piece. Ready to weld-on bollard without mounting plate.
from €39.90
Art.-Nr.: 1462...
1470_01 Cross bollard
Cast brass cross bollard, polished.
Art.-Nr.: 1470...
1470_03 Cross head bollard
Cast brass cross head bollard, high gloss finished.
Art.-Nr.: 1470...
1489_01 Cross bollard stainless steel
Stainless-steel cross bollard with rounded edges.
Art.-Nr.: 1489...
1489_02 Cross head bollard stainless steel
Double-cross bollard with rounded edges. Solid design made of polished stainless steel.
Art.-Nr.: 1489...
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