Control Lights & Alarm Buzzers

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4229*05 LED Kontrollleuchte LED indicator
Small LED for mounting on switch boards. With a series resistor for the direct hookup to 12 or 24 V. Mounting diameter: 3 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 4229...
3470*30 Alarmsummer WEMA Alarm Buzzer
The universal WEMA alarm buzzer can be mounted on the dashboard. It can be connected to various sensors, e.g. to the water alarm transmitter, but also to temperature or pressure sensors. Suitable for 6 to 32 volts.
Art.-Nr.: 3470...
3470*28 WEMA Wasseralarm WEMA Leakage Alarm
The WEMA water level alarm gives you an acoustic warning when the water level rises above the normal level, e.g. in the bilge. The robust switch for the alarm is mounted in the bilge at a height where there is normally no water and...
Art.-Nr.: 3470...