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1613*04 Klampe mit Kebony Rundholz Brass cleat with Kebony bar
Brass cleat with round wooden pole made of Kebony. Universally usable, as stick and fittings are supplied loose. Fixing bolt M10, length 45 mm. Polished or chrome-plated brass. Replacement sticks (1613-252) can also be ordered separately.
Art.-Nr.: 1613...
6287-120 und 6287-000 Klemmklampe mit Unterlegplatte Jam Cleat Bronze
Flat, delicate and still robust clamp cleat made of bronze with fine matt tumbled surface. The cleat is suitable for 4 to 6 mm thick rope and can also be used as a fairlead. A drilled base plate to protect the surface under the cleat can...
from €46.80
Art.-Nr.: 6287...
1084*01 Hornklampe aus Bronze DAVEY 1084 Bronze pillar cleat DAVEY 1084
Classic small cleat with curved mounting plate and two holes. Made from hand-polished solid cast bronze.
from €24.50
Art.-Nr.: 1084...
1289*01 Klemmklampe aus Messing WILMEX Brass jamming cleat WILMEX
Strong, very robust jamming cleat made from cast brass, neatly polished. Screw mounted. For 12-16 mm cordage. Weight: 600 g.
Art.-Nr.: 1289...
1290*01 Schwere Yachtklampe Bronze WILMEX WILMEX cleat C-1
WILMEX Cleat. Heavy design with massive mounting plate and strong foot. Polished cast bronze.
from €94.00
Art.-Nr.: 1290...
1290*02 Yachtklampe aus Bronze von WILMEX Yacht cleat made from bronze by WILMEX
Well designed cleat with angular, arched legs especially suited as mast cleat. Made from bronze with a glossy finish.
Art.-Nr.: 1290...
1380*07 Süllklampe aus Bronze von SPARTAN Coaming cleat SPARTAN
Very useful and beautiful cleats that can be mounted to the coaming. Cast of marine bronze, with a tumbled matte finish. The cleats are ready to mount and come complete with backing plate and countersunk bolts (UNC-threaded 1/4-inch,...
from €113.00
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1380_08 Herreshoff cleat SPARTAN
This classic American bronze deck cleat was designed by the famous builder Nat Herreshoff and has proven itself aboard American sailing boats for over 100 years. The American manufacturer SPARTAN casts these very strong cleats from dark...
from €76.90
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1380*09 Decksklampe Bronze Bronze cleat SPARTAN
Typical American solid bronze cleat. Cast bronze, tumbled matte finish. This strong design with straight bar and four appropriately-sized countersunk screw holes ensures exceptional strength on deck. A quality product from SPARTAN , the...
from €78.00
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1426-200 Torpedo Klampe Messing Torpedo cleat
The classic motorboat cleat: Two-footed torpedo-cleat. Slender design. Complete with two stainless steel bolts and nuts. Polished or chromed brass finish.
from €34.00
Art.-Nr.: 1426...
1427*01 Italien Klampe Messing Italian cleat
Thin cleat, similar to classic Herreshoff cleats. Tapered top with straight, oval profile. Polished brass.
from €17.90
Art.-Nr.: 1427...
1429*02 Knebelklampe Messing oder verchromt Brass mooring bollard polished or chromed
Brass bollard cleat, polished or chromed finish. With flat, round mounting plate. A central M12 countersunk hole has been drilled for mounting. Mounting-plate diameter 65 mm, weight 360 g.
Art.-Nr.: 1429...
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1920*01 Klampe aus Teakholz Teak cleat
from €22.00
1927*01 Klampe aus Kunststoff Nylon Cleat
from €1.60
1921*01 Klampe aus Eschenholz Ashwood cleat
from €23.50
1624*01 Klampe Messing oder Messing verchromt Cleats
from €10.80
1678*01 Motorbootklampe mit Teakholzstock Messing Brass bar cleat
from €47.90
1427*01 Italien Klampe Messing Italian cleat
from €17.90
1633*01 Hornklampe verzinkt Galvanized cleat
from €11.90
1426-200 Torpedo Klampe Messing Torpedo cleat
from €34.00
6278*02 Stegklampe aus Bronze Bronze bar cleat
from €218.00
6278-250 Stegklampe HANSA aus Bronze Bronze bar cleat
from €59.90
Kunststoff-Klemmklampe Nylon cleat
from €3.70
6287-120 und 6287-000 Klemmklampe mit Unterlegplatte Jam Cleat Bronze
from €46.80
1290*01 Schwere Yachtklampe Bronze WILMEX WILMEX cleat C-1
from €94.00
6281*01 Grosse Decksklampe aus Bronze Bronze Cleat
from €79.00