Rope Sheaves & Wire Sheaves

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1129*01 Nylon-Seilscheiben Nylon rope sheave
Extra sheaves for our blocks, also intended for mounting on gaffs, booms and special fittings. Nylon, without bearings.
from €11.70
Art.-Nr.: 1129...
1200*01 Tufnol-Drahtseilscheiben Tufnol wire rope sheave
Tufnol sheaves, without bearings. With grooves for wire rope.
from €7.50
Art.-Nr.: 1200...
1201_01 Steel rope sheave
Steel or cast iron, fits rope blocks. With groove for rope.
from €14.90
Art.-Nr.: 1201...
1201_02 Cast iron wire rope sheave
Grey iron wire sheave. Heavy sheave with groove for wire.
from €21.90
Art.-Nr.: 1201...
1202_01 Brass rope sheave
Cleanly turned brass spare sheave, intended for yacht blocks. These sheaves have rolling bearings. Intended for rope.
from €28.40
Art.-Nr.: 1202...
1203_02 Bronze rope sheave DAVEY
Turned rope sheaves made from solid brass with a anti-friction bearing made from stainless steel. These rope sheaves are equipped with a flat, wide groove for cordage. Depending on the axles diameter (A) some of the sheaves can be used...
from €45.70
Art.-Nr.: 1203...
1203_03 Rope sheave Tufnol DAVEY
Compact TUFNOL rope sheave with large axle drill hole. Small recess on the oute flange for better spinning in the block. Fits as replacement sheave for DAVEY yacht blocks (Art-No.1166-... following).
from €18.90
Art.-Nr.: 1203...
1204_01 Brass rope sheave
Brass sheave for rope.
from €4.40
Art.-Nr.: 1204...
1204_02 Nickel plated brass sheave
Sheaves for rope. With deep grooves. Nickled brass.
from €13.20
Art.-Nr.: 1204...
1206_01 Stainless steel spare sheaves
Spare sheave of solid, cast stainless steel, with brass bearings. Ideal for our London blocks.
from €5.90
Art.-Nr.: 1206...
1207_01 Tufnol rope sheave
Tufnol sheaves. For rope. Without bearings.
from €7.50
Art.-Nr.: 1207...
1359_01 Halyard sheave SELDEN
Halyard sheave from the manufacturer SELDEN for installing in masts. Made of heavy duty fibreglass-reinforced plastic. With V-shaped groove, intended for wire as well as for rope. Color: black.
from €38.00
Art.-Nr.: 1359...