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2208*01 TESA Gewebeband TESA cloth tape
High-quality, proven, universally applicable woven tape made from wood pulp fabric with plastic finish, natural rubber adhesion mass. Very sticky, pliant, high weather- and age-resistance, high gripping strength (260 N/25 mm), watertight...
from €22.90
Art.-Nr.: 2208...
2210*02 Mastkragen-Band Mast collar tape
Self-vulcanising tape, 100 mm wide, perfect for sealing the inserted mast with a mast apron. Available in two colours: black and white.
Art.-Nr.: 2210...
2210*04 ResQ-TAPE Silikon-Reparaturband ResQ-TAPE self-fusing silicone tape
ResQ-TAPE is a versatile self-fusing repair tape made from Silikon for emergencies and all-purpose repairs. Since the tape is adherent on itself, it can be used on wet or soiled surfaces and can even be used under water.
Art.-Nr.: 2210...
2218_01 SPREADER TAPE silver
Self-adhesive, stable fabric tape with high adhesive strength, universally applicable onboard. Color: silver.
from €7.75
Art.-Nr.: 2218...
2224*01 Segeltape für Reparaturen Sail Repair Tape SPINNAKER
Self-adhesive "Spinnaker Tape" in various strengths. For the quick repair of sails, tarpaulins, covers, etc.. Resists weathering, saltwater, and UV rays. Available in five colours, transparent and in 2 strengths.
from €9.35
Art.-Nr.: 2224...
2228*03 Salingtape Spreader tape
White tape made by PSP marine tapes especially to cover the horns of the spreaders. This protects the sails from chafe.
Content 14.93 m (€0.52 * / 1 m)
Art.-Nr.: 2228...
2522_02 Sealing tape from Vinyl
Self-adhesive foam rubber band for the simple, practical sealing of hatches and seat lockers, to mount deck fittings and clamps and for the fitting of windows. Colour: black.
from €10.95
Art.-Nr.: 2522...
5609-001 Transparenter Schamfilschutz ANTI-CHAFE patch Transparent chafing patch ANTI-CHAFE
Adhesive film to protect gelcoat, varnish and paint on the edge of the boat from mooring lines. The transparent, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant adhesive films are quickly and easily applied to the areas to be protected. Set...
Art.-Nr.: 5609...
5610*01 Antirutsch-Klebestreifen Anti slip tape
Pre-punched, self-adhesive stripes with rounded edges. They are versatile and can be used on the deck, on the companionway and the cockpit. Shipping in sets of 10 stripes each.
Art.-Nr.: 5610...