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4325*04 OMNIA Camping Backofen Baking cover
The mini baking oven OMNIA for the small galley! This Swedish baking stove is ideal for baking gratins, cakes and bread, it can be used on any type of stove burner gas, electric or even various other fuels used with camping and...
Art.-Nr.: 4325...
4327*10 Topfhalterpaar TAYLOR'S Pot brackets TAYLOR'S CTG1202
Pair of pot brackets for TAYLOR'S gas stoves. A pair holds one pot.
Content 2 piece (€69.50 * / 1 piece)
Art.-Nr.: 4327...
4716_01 Toaster CAMP-A-TOASTER
Patented attachment for toasting on all stoves with open flames. Stainless steel plate. Box shape: the perforated base plate guarantees good heat distribution and even the possibility to make toast. Dimensions (L x W x H): 225x130x56mm.
Art.-Nr.: 4716...
4721_05 Accessories for mounting stovetop ENO
Accessories for mounting stovetops made by ENO.
from €75.00
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