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1066_01 Country, region and city flags for Germany
Country, region and city flags of Germany. The flags are made from rot-proof SPUN-POLY cloth (cotton finish), cleanly worked, printed and sewn with (single-loop) lanyards.
from €11.90
Art.-Nr.: 1066...
1068_02 Burgee with ship's name
Our burgee (red or blue) is made from a special bunting 155 g/m² polyester yarn. The bunting has the feel of cotton, but is long lived, light-resistant, weather and rot proof. The burgee is all around bordered by a double safety seam,...
from €79.00
Art.-Nr.: 1068...
1069_01 European Union flags
Official flag of the European Union. Made from SPUN POLY flag cloth. The special flag cloth, Spun Polyester looks and feels like cotton, but is rot-proof and has a good UV-resistace.
from €7.50
Art.-Nr.: 1069...
1079_01 Code flags for inland waterways
Signal flags for inland navigation. 70 x 100 cm. Flag staff sold separately.
Art.-Nr.: 1079...
1080_01 Traditional flag for dutch flat-bottom boats
Traditional pennant for flat-bottomed boats made of spun polyester. Colour: red. In the Netherlands the red coloured pennant is used on pleasure boats.
from €21.90
Art.-Nr.: 1080...
1081_01 Burgee of the Old Gaffers of Germany
Pennant of the FRIENDS OF THE GAFF RIG. Spun polyester flag cloth, printed. Background white with stylized black gaff. Design by Fiete Göttert.
from €23.00
Art.-Nr.: 1081...
1081_02 Sticker of FRIENDS OF THE GAFF RIG members burgee
Sticker of the pennant of the FRIENDS OF THE GAFF RIG . Design by Fiete Göttert.
Art.-Nr.: 1081...
1082_01 Wind indicator
Nylon spinnaker cloth windsock, pole and mount made of stainless steel. Tricoloured windsock: Black-red-gold (Germany), blue-white-red (Schleswig-Holstein) or green-red-white (Helgoland). Available in 2 sizes. Pole length 350 mm or 480 mm.
from €19.90
Art.-Nr.: 1082...
1085_02 Wooden burgee holder for dutch flat-bottom boats
Wooden burgee holder for the traditional burgee (Vleugel) on dutch flat-bottom boats. Varnished wood. Lenght = 500 mm. A copper tube attached with screws serves as bearing: inside D = 12 mm, L = aprrox. 65 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 1085...
1087_01 Traditional flag for dutch flat-bottom boats
Traditional pennant for flat-bottomed boats made of spun polyester. Colour: blue. In the Netherlands blue coloured pennants are used on working boats.
from €21.90
Art.-Nr.: 1087...
1092_01 National flag of Germany
German national flag of SPUN-POLY cloth. This special cloth of spun polyester looks and wafts like cotton, but is 100% rot-proof and UV resistant, fade-resistant and colorfast. Cleanly sewn lanyards, single-sided with loop.
from €5.90
Art.-Nr.: 1092...
1093_01 Code flags
The set consists of 40 flags: 26 letter flags, 10 number flags, 3 substitute flags and one answering pennant. Every flag is sewn with a bolt rope. The compartmented bag can be hung with the attachment eyes in easy reach. Flags and bag...
from €109.00
Art.-Nr.: 1093...
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