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1931*01 Gewebeschlauch PVC lebensmittelecht PVC hose (food safe)
Transparent PVC hose with cross-fabric insert of polyester yarn. Food safe, resistant to chemicals and oil. Temperature resistant from -5°C to +60°C. Also intended for pressurized water systems.
from €2.90
Art.-Nr.: 1931...
1933*01 Spiralschlauch / Vakuumschlauch PVC Hose
Inexpensive, thin-walled gray PVC-design. Can be installed in very small curves without a reduction in cross section. Not intended for installation below the waterline.
from €4.95
Art.-Nr.: 1933...
1935*01 Spiralschlauch Multiflex hose PVC
Green transparent PVC hose for drinking water, bilge pumps (also suction side) and on-board toilets. Spiral strengthened and thick-walled version for use as suction or pressure hose. Approved for human consumption. Limited resistance to...
from €4.90
Art.-Nr.: 1935...
1935_02 Transparent multiflex hose PVC
Transparent, thick-walled hose made of flexible PVC with inserted steel spiral for use as a suction or pressure hose. Well suited for bilge pumps and bilge and grey water systems. Limited resistance to oil and grease (may harden).
from €3.95
Art.-Nr.: 1935...
4621*01 Wasserschlauch GARDENA C20 mit Kassette Water hose GARDENA C20
Compact hose box which neatly fits in the storage locker: GARDENA fabric flat hose on a space-saving plastic cassette. Easily unrolls and stores! Complete with GARDENA system fittings and rot proof hose.
Art.-Nr.: 4621...