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Hartgummi-Stevenrolle Black rubber bow roller
Robust roller. Made from black rubber, drilled.
from €8.90
Art.-Nr.: 1217...
1253_02 Stainless steel chain pipe
Chain pipe in a curved design made from polished A4 stainless steel with a slotted hinged lid.
from €47.90
Art.-Nr.: 1253...
1380*11 Ketteneinlauf oval Bronze SPARTAN chain pipe with cover SPARTAN
Chain Pipe (hawsepipe) of bronze, with cover. Screws onto the deck. Classic, oval shape. The cover is secured with a brass chain. Inside the cover is a stainless steel hook, on which the chain end can be hung. Made of cast bronze, matte...
from €131.00
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1586_01 Bronze stemhead roller fitting DAVEY 1108
Heavy-duty polished-bronze fitting that may be fixed on the side of the stemhead. Fits both sides. The axle (bolt) of the roller is to be bolted through the stemhead (comes complete with washer and nut).
from €185.00
Art.-Nr.: 1586...
1631_01 Bronze chain pipe DAVEY
Strong chain pipe of hand-polished cast bronze. Bent shape, slitted cover with hinge, deck flange with a small gutter for a secure sit. A classic design that is a piece of art on every foredeck!
from €105.00
Art.-Nr.: 1631...
1639*02 flacher Ketteneinlauf Messing Brass chain pipe
Chain pipe of cast brass for vertical or horizontal mounting. The large opening allows the stowage of a small folding anchor or an anchor line. Gutter depth approx. 10 mm. Weight 820 g. Polished or chromed brass.
Art.-Nr.: 1639...
1639_03 Brass chain pipe
Straight chainpipe of polished bronze for chains 10 - 13mm. Straight functional shape. Loose cover with two different-width slits. Inside, the cover has a strong eye, on which the chain end can be attached. The safety chain is not part...
Art.-Nr.: 1639...
1639_04 Brass chain pipe
Straight chain pipe. Made from heavy hand-polished cast brass. Loosely slitted cover with attachment eye for safety chain / lanyard. The deck flange of this fairlead has a flat gutter for securely mounting it in the deck.
from €52.90
Art.-Nr.: 1639...
1883_02 Bronze stemhead roller DAVEY
A real eyecatcher on the bow: Classic bow roller for running anchor chain over the stem. Made from hand-polished cast bronze. Massive bronze chain roller. Strong mounting plate: the metal fittings can be attached to the deck or stemhead.
from €166.00
Art.-Nr.: 1883...