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1209_02 chain hook
Chain hook, made from stainless steel (AISI 316). By its funnel shape, this chain stopper fixes the chain very safely, with no torsion. High strength, cast in one piece.
from €23.90
Art.-Nr.: 1209...
1257*01 Kettenschäkel CHAIN GRIPPER Stainless steel CHAIN GRIPPER
Patented A4-stainless steel shackle that connects directly to a chain to relieve the strain on an anchor windlass or for similar uses. Bolt cannot be lost.
from €28.50
Art.-Nr.: 1257...
1259_01 chain stopper CHAIN-GRABBER
An ingenious, simple, robust and absolutely durable fitting. The ideal chain stopper, made from solid polished cast plate stainless steel that distributes anchor load across two strops. Intended for all chains between 8 mm and 13 mm. The...
Art.-Nr.: 1259...
1265_01 Bronze chain stopper
Strong, solid cast-bronze fitting to relieve strain on the anchor windlass. Mounts on deck. Dropping the flap stops the chain.
from €287.00
Art.-Nr.: 1265...
1279_01 Stainless steel fluke hook
Made from A4 stainless steel tubing with welded eye.
from €24.90
Art.-Nr.: 1279...
1583*01 Kettenhaken WICHARD Chain hook WICHARD
Ensure safer anchoring by easing the tension on the chain. Protects the boat from chafing. Easy installation between two chain links. The locking pin keeps it in position. Made of stainless steel.
from €31.90
Art.-Nr.: 1583...
2306*01 Kettenfanghaken Chain hook
Chain hook. Made from polished brass. A practical helper, if your anchor hooks itself on someone else's chain or rode. Length: 120 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 2306...
6209_01 Bronze chain hook
Strong classic fluke hook made from solid cast bronze of tumbled matt finish.
from €66.00
Art.-Nr.: 6209...