Hooks for Control Lines

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1687_01 Brass toothed rack
Brass toothed rack, to tension and hook wire halyards on small boats.
Art.-Nr.: 1687...
6207_01 Bronze hook
The hook is being spliced into the halyard in order to get a step-down ratio of 2:1 at the end of the rope. On small boats the halyards (up to diameter 10 mm) can easily be hauled this way. Material: tumbled bronze with matt finish.
Art.-Nr.: 6207...
6207_02 Tensioner pulley block made from bronze
The block is spliced into a tack purchase or halyard with the result, that at the end of the line a 2:1 reduction for tensioning is possible, without the need to slack away the whole length of the tackle.
from €79.00
Art.-Nr.: 6207...
6225*01 Anschraubhaken aus Bronze Bronze lashing hook
Small, very robust lashing hook made from tumbled bronze with matt finish.
from €17.40
Art.-Nr.: 6225...