Heat Cutter for Rope

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2009*02 Kräftige Takel- und Einfädelnadel Strong rigger's needle
Long, robust cloth piece-end skewer with a thread eye in the point end and with a wooden handle. These needles can replace sail maker's palms for many rigging jobs. Length = 230 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 2009...
2230_01 Heat cutter LIROS
Practical tool for cutting and fusing synthetic ropes and sail cloth. Comes complete with cutting edge for rope. Voltage 230V / 60W.
Art.-Nr.: 2230...
2230-003 Akku-Heißschneider 18 Volt Cordless heat cutter
Battery-powered hot cutter with cutting tip for cordage for cutting and welding synthetic fibre cordage. Suitable for continuous operation, with active ventilation, temperature at the cutting tip up to 400°C. Replaceable Longlife 18 V /...
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Art.-Nr.: 2230...