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2143*01 Segelmacherschere Sailmaker's scissors
Heavy sailmakers scissors for right-handers. Straight, not serrated. Professional tool made in Germany.
Art.-Nr.: 2143...
2143_02 DYNEEMA scissors D-SPLICER D16
Special scissors D-SPLICER D16 with micro serration, made to cut modern high tech ropes like DYNEEMA, SPECTRA, Aramid or VECTRAN. Ideal for rigging work with modern cordage. Cutting length: 40 mm. Weight: 56 g.
Art.-Nr.: 2143...
2143*04 Schwere DYNEEMA Takelschere D-SPLICER D20 Strong DYNEEMA scissors D-SPLICER D20
Large, professional rigging scissors D-SPLICER D20. With micro serration for cutting thicker cordage made from high performance fibres like DYNEEMA, SPECTRA, Aramid or VECTRAN. Cutting length: 60 mm. Weight: 105g.
Art.-Nr.: 2143...
2232*02 Fadenschere MUNDIAL Thread clip
MUNDIAL thread scissors. Plastic scissors with stainless steel blades. Weight: 22 g.
Art.-Nr.: 2232...