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1072*01 Solardusche Solar shower 20 Litre
Foldable black-plastic water bag, with handle, hook, line for hanging and tube with replaceable nozzle. In sunny weather, the dark colour of the bag warms the water to approx. 35°C in approx. 2 hours.
Art.-Nr.: 1072...
1132_01 Wind scoop
Wind scoop made from colored spinnaker cloth. Dimensions: Height 1.80 m, bottom-edge length 47 cm. Comes with nylon stuff sack. Wind scoops are attached to deck hatches to bring fresh air below and improve airflow throughout the cabin....
Art.-Nr.: 1132...
1316_02 Mosquito net for hatch
A mosquito net for the hatch, which is dense enough to protect against even the smallest mosquitos. It is simply fitted to the hatch from the inside by vacuum cups or magnets. For that purpose the mosquito net has to be larger than the...
from €42.00
Art.-Nr.: 1316...
2146*02 Suchmagnet mit Leine Recovery magnet with a lead
Retrieves lost parts like tools, keys etc. from the ground. It lifts up to 60 kg. The surface of the magnet is coated white. Diameter: 80 mm. Weight: 400 g. Shipping with 5 m line.
Art.-Nr.: 2146...
3008-121 Bootsmannspfeife Messing Bosun's whistle
Historically the boatswain's call was used to pass commands to the crew when the voice could not be heard over the sounds of the sea. The pipe consists of a narrow tube (the gun) which directs air over a metal sphere (the buoy) with a...
from €14.90
Art.-Nr.: 3008...
3034_01 Box of storm matches
Box of storm matches with approx. 20 pieces.
from €2.40
Art.-Nr.: 3034...
3279_02 Hour glass
Hour glass, glass vial in strong polished-brass housing. For logging distances, timing tooth-brushing, and cooking eggs.
from €19.90
Art.-Nr.: 3279...
4646_01 Toilet roll holder DAVEY
Very noble classic toilet-paper holder. The sand cast bronze body is hand polished or chromed. A (not included) toilet paper roll is held on a stainless steel bail with a wood roller.
from €49.50
Art.-Nr.: 4646...
4703*04 Anschraub-Ösen Messing Eye fixture
Screw-in bracket for picture frames, mirrors, etc. Polished brass.
from €3.80
Art.-Nr.: 4703...
4810_01 Wine glass holder
Made from stainless spring-steel sheet 50x60mm, with 2 attachment holes of 3mm.
from €9.30
Art.-Nr.: 4810...
4811*01 Flaschenöffner Bottle opener
Useful pantry wall fitting of cast brass.
Art.-Nr.: 4811...
5503*01 Würfelbecher / Stiftebecher Dice shaker
Polished brass with anchor motif. Weight 560 g. Also intended for storage of desk utensils.
Art.-Nr.: 5503...
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