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4452_01 Hand rail bracket
Made of polished brass. Simple design with oval base plate. Available as a middle or end post for 20 mm tubing.
from €7.90
Art.-Nr.: 4452...
4458*01 Gardinenstange Anwendungsbeispiel Curtain tube bracket for 10 mm tube
Polished brass, for 10 mm curtain rod, with middle piece and end knob.
from €4.45
Art.-Nr.: 4458...
4458_04 Curtain tube stanchion/end piece brass
Middle stanchion for 12mm curtain rod, made from polished brass. The rod as well as the end piece must be ordered separately.
from €5.25
Art.-Nr.: 4458...
4460_01 Hand rail bracket
Solid design made of brass, surface polished or chromed. These cylindrical pieces have a central M8 blind hole in the bottom for attachment. Come in a variety of diameters.
from €16.90
Art.-Nr.: 4460...
4462_01 Hand rail bracket
Made of polished or chromed brass, with round base plate. Light design with low overall height, for 25 mm tubing.
from €13.30
Art.-Nr.: 4462...
4596_01 Brass Ring
Solid brass rings, ball polished. Cleanly soldered.
from €1.55
Art.-Nr.: 4596...
4599_01 Stainless Steel Ring
Full rings of AISI 304 stainless steel, smoothed and polished.
from €0.85
Art.-Nr.: 4599...