Marlin Spikes, Awls & Prickers

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2021-004 Vorstechahle OSBORNE scratch awl OSBORNE
Scratch awl with continuous blade and a black plastic handle with a metal strike plate.
Art.-Nr.: 2021...
2026-000 Spleißeisen / Marlspieker Splicing Tool
Simple flat marlin spike from commercial shipping, with light groove for splicing mooring lines. With the T-handle the splicing iron can be turned to open the cardels.
Art.-Nr.: 2026...
2004*01 Marlspieker EASY SPLICE Marlin spike EASY SPLICE
Very attractive marlin spike, made from polished cast bronze. The tool feels very good in the hand. When splicing rope the open shape allows you to pull the strands through with the opening.
Art.-Nr.: 2004...
2005_01 Flat point marlin spike
Tool for splicing wire rope, used by fishermen and riggers. Forged from special steel. Built wide and flat, with a tempered point. Hardened finish and untempered head, which can be hit with a hammer to separate difficult-to-splice wires.
from €42.90
Art.-Nr.: 2005...
2021_02 Sailmakers scratch awl with plastic handle
A sailmakers awl of the kind that you find in every sailmakers loft. Scratch awl by the manufacturer OSBORNE with a yellow handle from plastic.
Art.-Nr.: 2021...
2021_03 Small sailmakers awl with handle from hardwood
A small sailmakers awl with a tempered blade for piercing leather, sewing and a variety of uses. Scratch awl by the manufacturer OSBORNE with a handle from hardwood.
Art.-Nr.: 2021...
2022*01 Aufreiber Square awl
Nice square awl, with lengthened spike and impact-proof wooden handle. The spike is made from 6 mm chrome vanadium steel. Length: 190 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 2022...
2025*02 Drahtspleiß-Marlspieker "Cuxhavener Krücke" Flat point marlin spike
Professional tool from the fishing industry for splicing wire rope. Made by hand from top-quality tool steel, with a wide and flat forged oil-hardened point. On the ball head is a L-shaped handle, with which the marlin spike can be more...
Art.-Nr.: 2025...
2027_01 Round point marlinspike
Marlinspike made of tool-grade steel. With raised head and hardened round point. Simple functional working marlinspike from the maritime industry. For splicing and opening shackles.
from €48.00
Art.-Nr.: 2027...
2028*01 Englischer Marlspieker, gehärtet Round point marlinspike
Thin marlinspike made from tool-grade steel. Round, hardened point; flattened, black-painted head with a hole for lanyards. Robust marlinspike for splicing and shackle opening.
from €34.90
Art.-Nr.: 2028...
2029_01 Pricker with wooden handle
Very thin and sharp awl, made from the best tool-grade steel. With a wooden handle. For splicing and various other tackle and sailmaking work. Manufactured in a German quality smithy.
Art.-Nr.: 2029...
2030*01 Marlspieker / Schäkelöffner Marlin Spike & Shackle Opener
Forged stainless steel marlin spike with a grip that can be used as a shackle opener. This practical all around tool has a built-in groove in the shaft, which makes it easier to stick it through the strands. Also available with lether case.
from €33.90
Art.-Nr.: 2030...
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