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2203_05 HERMES Velcro Sanding Block
Practical professional hand sanding block from the well-known manufacturer of abrasives HERMES. This sanding block makes it easy to sand exactly in corners and angles even when sanding by hand. The sanding block has a Velcro surface on...
from €23.60
Art.-Nr.: 2203...
2041*01 Abziehstein Grindstone
Combination stone of electro-corundum. Highest quality for water or oil. One side rough, one fine.
Art.-Nr.: 2041...
2138*01 Winkelkratzer Double end scraper
Made from tool-grade steel. Hardened cutting edge (50 HRC), sharpened. Cutting edge, 75 mm, length 270 mm, height 65 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 2138...
2139*01 Yacht-Schrabber Boat and molding scraper
With hardened and sharpened triangular edge, galvanized steel with beechwood handle. Entire length 270 mm.
from €14.90
Art.-Nr.: 2139...
2144_01 Scraper KUNZ
Side scraper, with cast-iron handle, painted green. Tool-grade-steel blade 60 x 60 mm, hardened and ground on both sides. Can be resharpened easily. A practical tool that fits well in the hand and can be used by right- or left-handers....
Art.-Nr.: 2144...
2144_02 Spare blade
Spare blade for scraper KUNZ.
Art.-Nr.: 2144...
2149_04 blades for scraper BAHCO 625 MINI
Spare blades for BAHCO scraper 625 MINI. Made of COROMANT steel. Different shapes are available and may suit for complicated applications: - triangle blade (25mm) with three sharp edges, - round blade, - teardrop shaped blade with very...
from €22.80
Art.-Nr.: 2149...
2149_07 BAHCO scraper ERGO MINI 625
Very slim scraper with soft ergonomically shaped handle and thin tool edge. Delivery with exchangable, reversible, convex sharpened blades of COROMANT carbide steel. Comes with plastic sheath.
Art.-Nr.: 2149...
2149_09 BAHCO scraper ERGO MAXI 665 doublehand
Strong scraper with soft ergonomically shaped handle and broad tool edge. For doublehand use. Exchangable, reversible, convex sharpened blades of COROMANT carbide steel.
from €52.90
Art.-Nr.: 2149...
2153_01 Scraper
Scraper with unpainted wooden handle. The blade of hardened tool steel is riveted tightly, and carefully, slightly curved sharpened.
from €10.50
Art.-Nr.: 2153...
2153*02 Doppel-Ziehklinge AMERIKA Twin scraper AMERIKA
Handy scraper with wooden varnished handle available in 3 different sizes. Length of handle: 190mm. Each scraper is equipped with 2 exchangable blades, so that you carry a spare scraper always with you.
from €8.65
Art.-Nr.: 2153...
2154*01 Schwanenhals-Ziehklinge Gooseneck scraper
Scraper from tool steel, hardened.
Art.-Nr.: 2154...
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