Rigging & Splicing

Whether splicing, smarts and serving wires, the very traditional rigging is our specialty, as well as the binding of juffers and weaving lines into the shrouds.

Our rigger of course also creates complete rigs and supports you in the restoration and reconstruction of traditional sailing ships.

We manufacture eye splices and thimble splices, each for

  • struck cordage,
  • braided rope (core-sheath rope),
  • Squareline rope 8-fold,
  • PES/Dyneema rope braided (core-in-core splice),
  • DYNEEMA hollow braid (Brummelock).

We need the following information:

  • Item number of the rope,
  • Type of splice: eye or thimble,
  • Length of the rope: from pressure point to pressure point,
  • Length of the stretched eye,
  • Application purpose: halyard, sheet, mooring line or dog leash,
  • Termination of the leash, if it is not an eye: pressing, rigging or smooth cut.

Please send us your request with the above information by e-mail to toplicht@toplicht.de