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1024_01 Shock cord
Highly elastic shock cord for the best stretch characteristics with polyester (PES) flecks. Color: White with red indicator threads or black. Available with white plastic hooks or stainless steel spiral hooks.
from €1.00
Art.-Nr.: 1024...
1024*02 Kunststoffhaken Plastic hook
Plastic hooks and carabiner for making tie-downs and lashings. Simply knot in the matching (bungee) cord.
from €0.70
Art.-Nr.: 1024...
1024*03 Edelstahl-Spiralhaken (Expanderhaken) Stainless steel hook
Stainless-steel spiral bungee-cord hooks (expander hooks) for making tie-down lines and lashings. Just knot in the matching bungee cord.
from €1.30
Art.-Nr.: 1024...
1024*04 Zeisinge / Gummistropps Sail tie - shock cord with plastic hook
Elastic shock cord with coloured polyester (PES) threads, finished with plastic hooks. Useful for sail ties and lashings. Color: white with indicator threads.
from €1.15
Art.-Nr.: 1024...
1024*05 Krampenzange und Krampen Crimping pliers
Practical tool for working with bungee cord. The jaws are hollowed out so that stainless steel crimps stay in the jaws. Plastic-covered handles, length 170 mm. Intended for all crimping sizes. After more than 100 pieces ordered we...
from €54.90
Art.-Nr.: 1024...
1024*06 Klemme für Gummileine Speedclip for elastic cord
Speedclips made from plastic for elastic cord (5 or 6mm) for making tie-downs and lashings. Available in blue and in black.
from €0.50
Art.-Nr.: 1024...
1723_01 Parrel bead
Colored grip balls for marking or holding bungee cords. Practical aid, made from PA plastic (nylon). Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors.
from €1.05
Art.-Nr.: 1723...