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2100_01 Spline weight
Essential for boat and ship builders and designers: Spline weight made of solid cast brass with rolled surface, weight 1.6 kg. The small lath nose is also suitable for narrow lofting battens . In American "whale" shape with recessed grip...
from €99.00
Art.-Nr.: 2100...
2100_02 Lofting batten
Strong lofting battens for the sailmakers loft and the lofting floor. Made from glass-fibre reinforced Polyester, rectangular profile 25 x 8 mm. The long battens are shipped coiled in whole lengths as bulk freight.
from €236.00
Art.-Nr.: 2100...
2151*01 TOPLICHT-Zollstock Rule meter
Wooden folding ruler with steel links, self-locking. Scales in centimetres on both sides. Each link measures 22 cm.
Art.-Nr.: 2151...
2152*01 Schieblehre Slide gauge
Brass callipers: The so called "knob gauge" of brushed brass with long-lasting, etched inch and cm scales. Without Nonius. Belongs in every rigging bag, on every workbench and in the pockets of every rigger.
Art.-Nr.: 2152...
2161*01 Dickentaster (Greifzirkel) Outside calliper
Traditional boatbuilding tool: For measuring plank wood depth or for measuring spars - for example, when measuring masts and booms for hoops. Tool-grade steel, fine and sheer. Max. wide: 450 mm
Art.-Nr.: 2161...
2161*02 großer Stechzirkel, mit Stellbogen Divider
Heavy traditional divider: For drawing right angles, for marking circles and arcs, and for setting widths (plank widths, etc.) in boatbuilding. Professional tool of forged steel, straight with angled legs and hardened points. Fine,...
Art.-Nr.: 2161...
2166*01 Holzschmiege Sliding 'T' bevel
Sliding 'T' bevel with brackets made from beech wood with hollow groove, brushed brass ends. Strong steel blade with black finish, angle adjustment with a galvanized wing nut.
from €26.50
Art.-Nr.: 2166...
2166*02 Tischlerwinkel Tri square
This carpenter's square is a professional tool, with legs of painted beech wood with fillet, hardened steel tongue with millimeter graduation, strongly riveted.
Art.-Nr.: 2166...
2166*03 Schmiege aus Aluminium Sliding 'T' bevel made from aluminium
Sliding 'T' bevel with brackets made from aluminium with hollow groove.
Art.-Nr.: 2166...