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1040_01 Folding stainless-steel mast steps
Classic cast stainless steel steps, with stainless steel springs. Intended as mast steps, to help with boarding or as emergency steps to go below. Nonskid steps.
from €37.50
Art.-Nr.: 1040...
1040_02 Nylon mast step white or black
Made from very robust, fibreglass reinforced nylon, with a "clatter free" locking mechanism when the mast step is folded up. The base can be adapted to the curve of the mast by the use of sanding paper. Colour: white or black.
from €31.05
Art.-Nr.: 1040...
1040*03 Klappstufe Edelstahl Folding stainless-steel mast steps
Mast steps made of stainless steel sections. Step edges are serrated to ensure secure footing. Only 25 mm deep when folded up and, through tapered construction, "clatter-free".
from €21.20
Art.-Nr.: 1040...
1040_04 Stainless steel mast step
Step made from stainless steel bead-moulding material (AISI316), D = 6 mm. The step can be adjusted to almost any mast profile and mounted with screws or blind rivets. Hole diameter 5 mm.
from €31.20
Art.-Nr.: 1040...