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1090_01 Mooring compensators
Made entirely from very ductile, weather- and saltwater-resistant, black EPDM rubber. With a very effective rope cleat mechanism. Please see our PDF for Downloads & Information.
from €18.95
Art.-Nr.: 1090...
1090_02 UNIMER U-Cleat mooring damper
Patented, highly elastic mooring compensator with very strong removable U-cleats on the endings. The mooring damper can be fitted or repositioned to the mooring line without having to pull one end of the line all the way through. The...
from €32.90
Art.-Nr.: 1090...
1755_01 Mooring Compensator EPDM-rubber
Made from seawater-proof and UV-resistant EPDM rubber. Very simple mounting (slides onto the docklines) and good efficacy. Color: black.
from €10.95
Art.-Nr.: 1755...
1759_01 Mooring compensator BUNGY
Can be attached to any line up to 20 mm diameter within seconds. Made from elastic black polymer plastic. Optimal line dampening when 4 pieces are used.
from €16.00
Art.-Nr.: 1759...
1759*02 Anlegefeder / Ruckdämpfer Edelstahl Spring / Mooring Compensator
from €11.00
Art.-Nr.: 1759...