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1380_25 Bronze winch base SPARTAN
Universal winch base. This platform is be mounted on the cockpit coming and offers a stylish, functional and very robust base for a winch. Made of high-tensile seawater resistant cast bronze with tumbled matt finish. The winch-mounting...
from €158.00
Art.-Nr.: 1380...
1494_05 Winch handle ANDERSEN
Stainless-steel winch handle from the renowned Danish winch manufacturer ANDERSEN. Flat stainless steel body with strong black plastic handle. Standard 8-point locking 11/16" socket.
from €106.00
Art.-Nr.: 1494...
1884_02 Winch handle for halyard winch No.1 WILMEX
Flat bronze winch handle, polished or chromed finish. With spring-loaded lock. Sold without winch!
from €137.00
Art.-Nr.: 1884...
1884_03 Winch handle for sheet winch WILMEX
Flat bronze winch handle, polished or chromed finish. With spring-loaded lock. Made specially for Merriman top handle sheet winch replicas from WILMEX. Sold without winch!
from €287.00
Art.-Nr.: 1884...
1960*03 Windenkurbelkasten Teak Teak winch handle holder
Cockpit winch-handle pocket, screws-in. Made from strong laminated teak, sanded, unvarnished.
Art.-Nr.: 1963...
1963_01 Winch handle holder BARTON
Smart fitting for holding winch handles with 8-point 11/16" sockets when they're not in use. Screws-in. Made from black plastic. Base D = 52 mm, H = 27 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 1963...
1963*02 Windenkurbeltasche PVC Winch handle holder PVC
Cockpit winch-handle pocket, screws-in. Made from soft white PVC.
Art.-Nr.: 1963...
1963_04 I-WINCH bit for cordless drills
With the I-WINCH bit various winches for anchor, halyards or sheets can be electrically operated with the help of a strong cordless electric screwdriver (>60 Nm). The 11/16" octagon fits all popular winches, the screwdriver has to have a...
Art.-Nr.: 1963...
1974_01 Stainless steel winch handle
Simple, light, inexpensive standard handle of stainless steel shaped material, with plastic grip. Welded on square for 11/16" standard sockets, with safety.
from €45.00
Art.-Nr.: 1974...
1974_02 Winch handle Bronze
Strong winch handle made from polished cast bronze, with black plastic handle Lever and 11/16" star socket are cast as a single unit.
Art.-Nr.: 1974...
1974_04 Winch handle floatable
Very light, floating plastic winch handle. A practical handle for small loads. Colour: gray with red grip. Molded aluminum 11/16" eight-point locking socket. Weighs only 310 g.
Art.-Nr.: 1974...
1979_01 Teak winch bases
With this shaped, straight teak winch pad, sheet winches can be matched exactly to the direction of pull. Undrilled and unfinished. Height 30 mm.
from €19.90
Art.-Nr.: 1979...
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