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1500_01 Galvanized rope thimble
Rope thimble no. 34, galvanized. Its compact shape makes this rope thimble well suited for rigging.
from €0.80
Art.-Nr.: 1500...
1504_01 Heavy duty galvanized thimble DIN
Thimble that conforms to DIN 83 311. Hot-dip galvanized. Made special for the shipping industry, with large inner diameter. Also well suited for strong fittings and stays.
from €2.95
Art.-Nr.: 1504...
1505_01 Galvanized round thimble
Welded round thimble, made from steel. Small size is galvanized, hot-dip galvanized from RW 10 mm. With deep groove, for rope.
from €3.80
Art.-Nr.: 1505...
1506_01 Nylon thimble
Light, closed plastic thimble (white nylon). For rope. Exceptionally well suited for floating lines.
from €0.70
Art.-Nr.: 1506...
1507_01 Galvanized thimbles according to DIN
Thimble that conforms to DIN 6899 Form B, with strengthened back, hot-dip galvanized. Well suited to rope and wire with light loads.
from €0.45
Art.-Nr.: 1507...
1508_02 Stainless steel thimbles (import quality)
Light version, similar to DIN 6899, especially suitable for cordage.
from €0.65
Art.-Nr.: 1508...
1508_03 Brass thimble for rope
Polished brass thimbles for cordage. Similar in design to DIN6899 Form B.
from €1.60
Art.-Nr.: 1508...
1509_01 Heavy duty stainless thimble
Heavy thimble, polished cast stainless steel. Closed design. Particularly well suited for standing rigging.
from €3.30
Art.-Nr.: 1509...
1518_01 Stainless steel thimble
Polished stainless steel thimble. Solid design, similar to DIN 6899 Form B. Intended for rope and wire. From groove widths of 20 mm up, comes with a strengthened back. For standing rigging, we recommend Art-Nr. 1558-... and 1509-... For...
from €0.70
Art.-Nr.: 1518...
1518_02 Stainless steel thimble with reinforcing
These thick walled, electrolytic polished stainless steel thimbles are especially made for extreme high loads when employing high-load cordage, like for example Aramid or DYNEEMA lines. The thimbles are welded shut at the tip and...
from €7.20
Art.-Nr.: 1518...
1524_01 Solid galvanized thimble
Wire thimble that conforms to DIN 3091. Solid, heavy design. Made from hot-dip galvanized cast steel. For standing rigging. Other sizes on request.
from €10.00
Art.-Nr.: 1524...
1549_01 Solid brass thimble
Polished cast-brass thimble. For standing rigging and highly loaded wire. Guarantees large bending radius for the wire. Small body with large holes.
from €7.95
Art.-Nr.: 1549...
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