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2605*09 Lackierwalze SUPER FOAM Varnish roller SUPER FOAM
Largely solvent-resistant professional foam roller, rounded on both sides. The paint roller is suitable for all 1 and 2-component paints and varnishes, as well as all 1-component primers and 2-component PU primers. The paint roller is...
from €3.80
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2059*23 EPIFANES Farbrührstäbe EPIFANES Paint stirrer
Wooden mixing sticks from EPIFANES. Available in two sizes to match the EPIFANES paint cans.
Content 1 piece
from €0.50
Art.-Nr.: 2059...
2159*02 Malerspachtel mit Edelstahlklinge Putty knife stainless steel
Rost-free stainless steel blade with black plastic handle.
Art.-Nr.: 2159...
2206*02 Japanspachtel-Set Japanese spatula set
Set with 4 spatulas (width 8, 8, 10 and 12 cm). 3 different kinds of sets are available: - yello plastic, nitro-proof - sheet steel, with red nitro-proof plastic handle - stainless steel, with blue nitro-proof plastic handl.
from €2.60
Art.-Nr.: 2206...
2549*01 Tupfpinsel Pad brush
Special brush with only 28 mm bristles for removing entrapped air bubbles and for compressing laminates.
Art.-Nr.: 2549...
2600*01 Ringpinsel High quality brush
Professional quality: Pure, light, full China bristle brush, exceptionally elastic. With double white bristle support, arched bristle level, worked at the end.
from €7.30
Art.-Nr.: 2600...
2600*02 Pinselpott Brush mug
Brush mug made of polypropylene with lid and mounting for the brush.
Art.-Nr.: 2600...
2601*01 Ringpinsel Brush
Painter's quality. Pure, light, full China bristle brush, metal ring, double bristle support, varnished handle.
from €2.60
Art.-Nr.: 2601...
2601*02 Winkelpinsel mit langem Stiel Angled paint brush
Long handle and round brush. Painter quality: fine and light Chinese bristle.
Art.-Nr.: 2601...
2602*01 Flachpinsel Brush
Painter's quality. Pure, light, full China bristle brush, metal ring, double bristle support, painted handle.
from €1.40
Art.-Nr.: 2602...
2602*02 Feinschichtpinsel Topcoat brush
Special flat brush to applicate and allocate topcoats and gelcoats smoothly.
Art.-Nr.: 2602...
2605*01 Farbroller mit Perlon-Walze Paint roller nylon
Roller bracket: 450 mm (with a 100 mm roller) or 200 mm (with a 50 mm roller). Paint roller complete with nylon roller.
from €3.10
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
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