3 chromed instruments from the AUTONAUTIC ATLANTIC 95 series

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Series of three instruments from the ATLANTIC 95 series by the Spanish manufacturer AUTONAUTIC.

AUTONAUTIC combines precision, elegance and traditional design in its compasses, clocks, chronometers and weather instruments.

The brass case is chrome plated.

With the ingenious Easy Fix system, a plastic mounting ring (very easy to align horizontally) is attached to the bulkhead. The instrument is clicked into place by turning it. This means that the back of the instrument is quickly accessible at all times without having to struggle with miniature screws.

The white dial (diameter 70 mm) is located behind the mineral glass.

The clear, simple design of the classic quartz watch with Arabic numerals is complemented by black hour and minute hands and a red second hand. A battery (AA) is required, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

The dial of the barometer is labelled in English, as is customary in the shipping industry. It has Arabic numerals, a black pointer and the chrome-coloured pointer with which values can be marked. The barometer must be calibrated on site before commissioning. To do this, the value of a reference barometer is set using a screw on the back of the housing.

The dial of the Comfortmeter also has Arabic numerals and is labelled in English. Two black hands indicate the air temperature and humidity.

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    Article-No. Description Model Dial D1 (mm) H (mm) D2 (mm) Article Price (Set) Delivery Quantity
    3643-019 series of 3 instruments ATLANTIC 95 verchromt Arabic 95 35 70 Cr-Serie AUTONAUTIC Atlantic 95: jedes Instrument -10%
    Art.Nr.: 3643-019
    D1 (mm): 95
    D2 (mm): 70
    description: series of 3 instruments
    dial: Arabic
    model: ATLANTIC 95 verchromt
    H (mm): 35
    net: €177.31

    On request.

    net: €177.31

    On request.