3 brass instruments from the BARIGO SKY series

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In this classic instrument series, the cases are made entirely of brass, and the surfaces are highly polished. As is customary in the marine industry, the dials are labeled in English.

Time setting, battery change and barometer adjustment are done from the back, the respective instrument is removed from the wall for this purpose.

The SKY series set consists of a quartz clock with Arabic or Roman dial, a comfortmeter (combined thermometer and hygrometer) and a barometer. The barometer movement works with a pressure box.

You have the choice between two different clocks:

  • Article 3450-211 - Series with a quartz clock with Arabic dial
  • Article 3450-212 - Series with a quartz clock with Roman dial

All clocks are supplied without battery.

BARIGO Marine-Instrumente from Villingen-Schwennigen in the Black Forest was originally a manufacturer of precision movements for air pressure measurement and today offers a wide range of measuring instruments and watches with excellent technology and precise function.

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