Paraffin cooker TAYLOR'S 028

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Solid stove with the proven paraffin burners for alcohol preheating.
Housing of rust-free steel, stove plate and removable burner
cover enameled, fiddle and fittings of brass.

Comes standard with separately installed 7 l pressure tank, including pressure tank,
half gimbaled lockable brass hanging bracket and pot holders.

Comes complete with all installation materials and detailed German installation and use instructions.

Tank dimensions: 180 x 340 x 290 mm (D x L x H). Weight of the tank: 2 kg.

Weight of the stove: 12 kg.
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    Article-No. Model Version Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4322-028 TAYLOR'S 028 cooker Petroleumkocher 028 TAYLOR'S
    Art.Nr.: 4322-028
    version: cooker
    model: TAYLOR'S 028
    net: €1,847.90

    In stock.

    net: €1,847.90

    In stock.

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