Rudder angle feedback unit KOBELT 7168

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Sturdy feedback unit KOBELT 7168, e.g. for the electronic rudder indicators KOBELT 7175 or 7180. This feedback unit is used to transmit rudder angle positions to a rudder angle indicator,an autopilot or to electronic steering components.
Its compact design and watertight construction will allow it to be installed in tight quarters. With its all bronze and stainless steel construction it is well suitable for operation in rough environment.

Comes as:
7168-P: 1 potentiometer to transmit data to one device (e.g. rudder indicator)
7168-PP: 2 potis to transmit data to two devices (e.g. rudder indicator and autopilot).

Standard potentiometer is 1 kOhm.
Operating voltage 12 V / 24 V.
Weight: 1 kg.

Comes with connection rod 250 mm with ball joint terminals.
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    3494-101 KOBELT 7168-P 1 Potentiometer KOBELT 7168-P Ruderlagegeber 1Potentiometer
    Art.Nr.: 3494-101
    model: KOBELT 7168-P
    version: 1 Potentiometer
    net: €584.03

    In stock.

    net: €584.03

    In stock.

    3494-102 KOBELT 7168-PP 2 Potentiometer KOBELT 7168-PP Ruderlagegeber 2Potentiometer
    Art.Nr.: 3494-102
    version: 2 Potentiometer
    model: KOBELT 7168-PP
    net: €663.87

    On request.

    net: €663.87

    On request.

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