Tank gauge blackwater capacitive VDO VIEWLINE

3491*16 Tankanzeige Schmutzwasser kapazitiv VIEWLINE
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VDO-VIEWLINE capacitive tank gauge for waste water / black water tanks.
This gauge may be used only with the capacitive tank sensor, with no moving parts.
A perfect instrument series from this German company with over 50 years of experience in the marine industry.
VDO-VIEWLINE offers modern technology, high product quality, and technical perfection: modern, clear dial design, watertight seal, pursuant to IP67, in the front, convex double window of scratch-proof plastic prevents fogging.
Dials and hands use backlight-technology - clear to read, even at night, thanks to LED lighting.
Comes with red warning LED.

8-pin MQS plug for attachment.
Black dial and black round front ring.

Instrument diameters 52 mm.
Operating power supply 8-32 Volt.
Dial and front ring: black.

The capacitive sensor must be ordered separately at "Suitable items".
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    Article-No. For Gauge Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3491-017 capacitive sensor 0-1/2-1/1 Schmutzwasser-Tankanzeige kapazitiv VIEWLINE
    Art.Nr.: 3491-017
    for: capacitive sensor
    gauge: 0-1/2-1/1
    net: €44.45

    In stock.

    net: €44.45

    In stock.

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