LED-navigation lights PB 580

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BSH certified! LED position lights with BSH certification for vessels up to 20 m or 50 m.
Body of polished brass.
Also available made of hard coated seawater resistant aluminium.

The newly developed LED technology stands out for its low power requirements (anchor light just 2.8W / 230 mA) and extremely long life.
Attractive, heavy, functional design that makes no compromise in material choice and dimensions.
The glass is a weather-resistant clear Boroglas.

An internal operating hours counter lights a control LED after 20,000 of use, so that the light doesn't go out, because the approved life of a LED is 20,000 hours.
Power supply: 9-28 V (Masthead light 24 V).
Watertight IP68.
Weight: approx. 650 g.

BSH voyaging,
For the Rhine,
DIN EN14744,
DIN EN60945,
UL 1104.
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    Article-No. Description Colour Version Range (nm) Angle (°) H (mm) Ø (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3346-017 tricolored light stern r/g/w bis 20m 2 360,00 54 64 350 Ms-PB580 Segler/3-Farben/LED-Posi-Laterne Messing
    Art.Nr.: 3346-017
    weight (g): 350
    Ø (mm): 64
    H (mm): 54
    angle (°): 360,00
    range (nm): 2
    colour: r/g/w
    description: tricolored light stern
    version: bis 20m
    net: €298.32

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    net: €298.32

    In stock.

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