FLETTNER TCX-2 rotary ventilator

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This vent, powered only by the wind, is based on an invention by the German airplane pioneer Anton Flettner from the early Twenties. The vent TCX-2 is completely new designed and optimised by the manufacturer.
With the aide of computer based flow models a vent with a high ventilation capacity, many advantages and for different applications was developed:

  • aerodynamic vent and base made from white, high UV resistant polypropylene and glass reinforced nylon construction,
  • stainless steel spindle and bearings,
  • powerful air extraction,
  • integral weather shield (prevents water ingress), ultra reliable, no maintenance required,
  • air extraction rate: ca. 60 cubic meters air/h at 32 km/h wind speed,
  • simple to fit,

Shipping complete with lockable interior.

For roof installation - thickness of the roof 10 mm max. An extension adapter for roof thicknesss 25 mm - 150 mm is available. For mounting, just a round opening with 100 mm diameter is required. The inside part of the ventilator and the vent are simply connected with a screw: that's it.

A fixed neoprene rubber seal makes the connection water tight.

The Flettner vent is not just suited to vessels, but also to all kinds of vehicles or land based need for ventilation at houses, huts and containers.

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    Article-No. Description D2 (mm) H1 (mm) H2 (mm) D1 (mm) D3 (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4243-002 Flettner vent TCX-2 260 116 50 98 198 970 FLETTNER TCX-2 Rotationslüfter weiß Standard Base
    Art.Nr.: 4243-002
    D2 (mm): 260
    H1 (mm): 116
    description: Flettner vent TCX-2
    D1 (mm): 98
    D3 (mm): 198
    H2 (mm): 50
    weight (g): 970
    net: €133.61

    In stock.

    net: €133.61

    In stock.

    4243-100 extension adapter -- -- -- 98 -- -- Verlängerungsadapter FLETTNER TCX2 Rotationslüfter
    Art.Nr.: 4243-100
    D3 (mm): --
    D2 (mm): --
    weight (g): --
    H2 (mm): --
    H1 (mm): --
    description: extension adapter
    D1 (mm): 98
    net: €24.37

    In stock.

    net: €24.37

    In stock.