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1682_01 Eye bolt WICHARD stainless steel
WICHARD eyebolts. Forged quality. Made from V4A stainless steel.
from €13.00
Art.-Nr.: 1682...
1683_01 Eye bolt stainless steel
Eyebolts with metric threads. Polished V4A (AISI 316) stainless steel. Inexpensive design.
from €4.20
Art.-Nr.: 1683...
1684_04 Brass eyebolt rolled or chromed
Brass eyebolt with collar. Rolled or chromed surface. Stainless threads, comes without nut.
from €4.90
Art.-Nr.: 1684...
1684_05 Brass eyebolt with ring nut rolled or chromed
Double eyebolt with collar (for example, for use on a boom as a two-sided reefing eye). Brass eyebolts, rolled or chromed finish. Stainless steel threads.
from €7.60
Art.-Nr.: 1684...
1686_01 Eye Screw stainless steel
Ring bolt, stainless steel V4A (AISI316) metric thread, similar to DIN 580.
from €2.95
Art.-Nr.: 1686...
1688_01 Solid bronze eye bolt
Eyebolt with collar. Top of the eye is strengthened. The eye has an elegant, light oval shape. Made from high-tensile silicone bronze, matt rolled finish. Inch threads. Comes with washer and nut.
from €33.20
Art.-Nr.: 1688...
1722_02 Shackle bolt fitting DAVEY
Cambered shackle made from high tensile manganese bronze with strong through deck bolt.
from €36.00
Art.-Nr.: 1722...
1832_04 Eyebolt
Eyebolt for fasting ports, with extra short head. Cast brass or chromed brass.
from €5.00
Art.-Nr.: 1832...
1857_09 Brass eye bolt small head
Eye screw (without nuts), small head metric (for example, for fastening ports). Rolled brass. No DIN-Norm.
from €10.10
Art.-Nr.: 1857...
1867_06 Pad eye stainless steel
Padeye with threaded bolt. Stainless-steel. Welded bail. Round mounting plate with welded-on integral bolt.
from €4.50
Art.-Nr.: 1867...
2360_01 Brass eye bolt thread to the head
Eye screw (without nuts), metric (for example, for fastening ports). Rolled brass. Conforms to DIN 444/LBM (threads to the top).
from €5.64
Art.-Nr.: 2360...
2361_01 Brass eye bolt short thread
Eye screw (without nuts), metric (for example, for fastening ports). Brass rolled. Conforms to DIN 444/BM (short thread).
from €5.36
Art.-Nr.: 2361...
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