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1932*01 Fäkalien-Spiralschlauch Waste hose
White, thick-walled waste-water hose of PVC with integrated plastic spiral. Made in Germany, formulated for exceptional odor containment, very flexible, does not kink.
from €6.40
Art.-Nr.: 1932...
1932_02 Waste hose SPECIAL
Absolutely odor-tight wastewater hose with incorporated steel coil. Three-layer construction: Exterior layer: white CR rubber; encapsulated fabric in the middle, inner layer: black, smooth EPDM rubber.
from €17.90
Art.-Nr.: 1932...
1933*01 Spiralschlauch / Vakuumschlauch PVC Hose
Made of PVC. Inexpensive, thin-walled design; color, gray. Can be installed in very small radii without a reduction in cross section. Not intended for installation below the waterline.
from €4.95
Art.-Nr.: 1933...
1935_02 Transparent multiflex hose PVC
Made of PVC, for bilgepumps (also suction side) and toilets. Steel spiral strengthened and thick-walled design for use as suction or pressure hose. Limited resistance to oil and grease (may harden).
Art.-Nr.: 1935...
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