Automatic Float Switch ATTWOD 4201

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Compact and very flat automatic switch for many installation possibilities, even on sloping surfaces with an angle of up to 24°. The switch works reliably and switches on as soon as the water in the bilge reaches a height of about 5 cm. The cover provides extra protection for the float switch, for example against dirt and coarse parts.
Housing L x W x H: 133 x 98 x 73 mm. 
For: 12 - 24 V. 
Switching capacity: 120 VA max. 12 amps with 12 V.
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    Article-No. Current (A) Voltage (V) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1444-001 max. 12 A 12 - 24 V Schwimmerschalter ATTWOOD mit Schutzkappe Typ 4201 max.120VA
    Art.Nr.: 1444-001
    current (A): max. 12 A
    voltage (V): 12 - 24 V
    netto: €37.78

    In stock.

    netto: €37.78

    In stock.