ACR Hydrostatic release unit HRU HydroFix f. GlobalFix EPIRB

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MED / SOLAS approval.

Hydrostatic release unit HRU HydroFix (ACR 9490.1) for ACR GlobalFix EPIRB.

Specifically, the HRU fits the following ACR EPIRBs:

GlobalFix V4
GlobalFix V5
GlobalFix V6

The unit consists of the hydrostatic release unit (HRU), the securing bolt (this must be changed each time the release unit is replaced!) and split pins.

Before installation, the corresponding marking of the approval period of two years (from installation) must be made on the HRU.

Should the vessel sink, a spring-loaded blade in the HRU will cut the securing bolt in a water depth of 1.5 - 4 metres, allowing the EPIRB to float up freely.

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    net: €116.81

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