Bulkhead compass MERKUR VZ-E C.PLATH

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MERKUR VZ-E with round flange for vertical bulkhead mounting.

120 mm apparent rose diameter, heel angle up to 45 ° position, weight 1.6 kg oscillation period >4,7 sec.

The full sphere, solid construction with gimbaled inner hanger ensure smooth and precise reading under all conditions. Seawater resistant aluminium housing, anodised and black powder-coated, impact and scratch resistant mineral glass dome, double, clear 5° compass card with six lubber lines.

Comes with 12 V lighting (24 V is optional).

Top quality, 'Made in Hamburg': For more than 150 years, C. PLATH's quality compasses have been appreciated worldwide.

Type approval by both the German Lloyd and international registration offices. All compasses are SOLAS/WHEELMARK certified.
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    Article-No. Model Rose (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3723-165 MERKUR VZ-E 120 1,60 Schottkompass MERKUR-VZE schwarz 5°Rose C.PLATH
    Art.Nr.: 3723-165
    weight (kg): 1,60
    rose (mm): 120
    model: MERKUR VZ-E
    netto: €554.62

    In stock.

    netto: €554.62

    In stock.

    3723-370 Rückwandmaske -- -- Rückwandmaske schwarz für MERKUR VZ-E-Kompass C.PLATH
    Art.Nr.: 3723-370
    weight (kg): --
    rose (mm): --
    model: Rückwandmaske
    netto: €31.95

    In stock.

    netto: €31.95

    In stock.

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