Burner for lamps

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Burner for paraffin (kerosene) lamps, made from brass.
The size of the burner is specified after the size of the wick specified in inch (") or the classic measurement "linig" (''').
The assembled burner is made of two parts: the glass holder ring is mounted on the tank of the lamp and hold the glass chimney in place. The burner socket mounted in the glass holding ring consists of the regulating mechanism and is guiding the wick.

We ship complete burners consisting of glass holder ring and burner socket.
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    4139-001 31 HOLLÄNDER-Brenner 1" mit Flachdocht
    Art.Nr.: 4139-001
    D (mm): 31
    netto: €24.28

    In stock.

    netto: €24.28

    In stock.

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