Rescue marker buoy SEACURITY

The neon yellow rescue marker buoy is equipped with an integrated horseshoe lifesaver.
After opening the case the buoy drops into the water and activates itself: a 60g CO² cartridge inflates the system, a flash light is activated and a sea anchor prevents the drifting off by wind and waves from the place of the accident.
The person gone overboard attaches him/herself to the rescue strap of the buoy, is supported by the lifesaver and can be pulled from the water by the strap.

Measurements of the container: 290 x 230 x 125> Height over the water: 2 m, weight: approx. 6 kg.

Spares kit for reactivation is available.

Article-No. net EUR / pc gross EUR / pc quantity
3285-003 rescue marker buoy 192.44  229.00 
3285-104 spares kit with 60g cartridge 21.77  25.90 
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